I am DAODAR and I have been in the music industry since 2010.
I performed at XXX, XXX.
I have already recorded five albums and more than 100 tracks.

With my music label "DAODAR", I support young artists and create only the best techno music for you.

I issued an NFT to fund the creation of my next soundtrach inspired by my travel to India, and share it with a very limited group of supporters who hold that NFT
DJ, artist, Techno Om
Meet my NFT
DAO=DAR special edition
Available/Total NFTs: 777/777

Price: XXX for 1 NFT

Art by Kirill Mintsev - an artist, poet, and philosopher,

NFT owners will get:
1. An Invitation to my private set on Bali
2. My special track
3. Access to the community of Creators, uniting to launch projects, to retreat, to grow, and to enjoy
You can buy the NFT on OpenSea, or reserve it here with a promo code you might get from mine. Reserving NFT does not require a crypto wallet and provides all the benefits of owning the NFT.
How to claim your perks

If you buy my NFT on this site, you will receive instructions how to get your perks on the email specified during the purchase.

If you purchase the NFT at OpenSea or from another owner, please contact my instagram

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