Gallery V'23 #3
A BambiBloom Special Collection
Art by Kir Esadov - a prominent contemporary master with a degree in Social Pedagogy, qualifications in the field of psychoanalysis, separately studied sexology and the psychology of creativity.

Esadov's works studying harmony and turbulence of mind, soul and body, are kept in private European collections and world wide blockchains.

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Esadov participated in the Fotofest Biennale in Houston (USA),
the International Photography Art Fair
and at the Seoul Photo Festival 2013
(South Korea, Seoul, Anyang and Gwangju).

He was published in many conteprorary magazines around the world.
The author is characterized by black-and-white photos in which the faces or bodies of models, often exposed, are "snatched" by the light from deep darkness: the contrast and the absence of clear lines give
Esadov's photos plastic expressiveness, drama, phantasmagoricity
and erotic charge.