Gallery V'23 #7
A BambiBloom Special Collection
"Still life, sea shore, still sea, still shore " by Nicolas Efimtsev
2019, Moscow, Russia

The romantic landscapes of Efimtsev's motherland, lively impressions from the childhood, the musical traditions of his family and foreign travels, his passion for the cinematography and natural capacity to learn from the great masters of photography - those are the components of the original and ingenious scope of the gallery of this young artist.

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Among those who influenced Nicholas Efimtsev one can find Annibale Carracci, Agnolo Bronzino, Jean-Baptiste Chardin, Valentin Serov and Camille Claudel. The subtle touch of eroticism and sensual plasticity marks his artistic approach.

Those qualities, according to Nicholas himself, he likes the most in oeuvre of Man Ray, George Hoyningen-Huene, Alexey Mazurin, Wilhelm von Gloeden.

Nowadays, Nicholas is working as a freelance photographer in Paris, working with Givenchy Paris, Fendi Rome, Guerlain Paris, Ralph Laurent POLO, etc.