TRST is a great opportunity to launch and scale a business project, empowered by Web3 technologies and breakthrough protocols for funding, business promotion, and team motivation. Read more →
Creating a revenue-share token is very simple with us, but please take it responsibly — you must have a decent business model as tokens make promises, and your promises are an important part of you reputation. Read more or apply for a consultation
TSRT Wizard
So, you will reserve $ 20 000 for motivating the team and for further activities. This is a nominal price for the moment of token issuance. The value a token owner will get depends on your buyback promise, set up on the next screen.
Which part would be sold to investors on your tokensale?
Which is the total volume of money you issue tokens for?
A part of tokens is used to attract investments, and a part – to engage the key team.
How much money do you need?
Double-check and
The more the multiplier, the more is interest of investors and the team, and the more is your responsibilty. Too high multipliers will frighten the public, so please be responsible.
You make a promise to buy them out with a multiplier × 2
You issue tokens for $ 100 000 nominal price.
The buyback
So you will buyout the tokens with
You are obligued to transfer the stated amount from ANY corresponding transation within 30 days from its acquiring to the token contract you'll receive after token contract deployment. Request details →
You will have to payout $ 200 000 with a fraction of business revenue and/or investments you would collect
Everyone wants the details
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The project
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